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True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

Experience the Verus Difference...

We consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted returns

At Verus Financial, we have created unique investment policy statements, which have set us apart from most other firms in the Canadian marketplace today. Please see pages 29 and 30 of the Understanding Separately Managed Accounts guide, which clearly outlines how Verus Financial's IPSs give the Portfolio Manager more flexibility by removing constraints, which is a major factor in being able to generate alpha (generating returns over and above the market).

Ken seeks out unique boutique managers that specialize in different investment styles. He holds the managers accountable for buy/sell decisions, following the investment policy statement (IPS) and most importantly, he holds them accountable for delivering alpha. If they do not deliver, we are proactive in making changes.

Although past performance is not indicative of future performance, Verus Financial's SMAs and the Summit program have typically performed better than mutual funds. Please refer to page 41 of the Understanding SMA guide.

This outperformance can be attributed to five key factors:

1. SMAs have higher concentrated portfolios
2. SMA fees are consistently lower as they are not embedded like mutual funds
3. Verus Financial’s SMAs have more flexible investment policy statements
4. The size of SMAs are substantially smaller than mutual funds
5. SMAs have higher levels of active share