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A Dynamic Team

Through our National Bank Financial specialists, our team offers some of the best wealth management talent in financial planning, private banking, wills and trusts, insurance, philanthropy and tax efficient planning. Since 1985, the professionals at Verus Financial have demonstrated exceptional strength, leadership and guidance. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly.



There is no business like family business

We are a multi-generation family business that was cultivated in 1985. We pride ourselves on adding real value and real results. Our family business is directed through the basis of trust and honesty. It’s at the core of everything we do.


Our common goal and vision is determined by our values and principles. Quite simply, the client always comes first, and we never try to be all things to all people. Great companies do fewer things for fewer people. Great companies pay as much attention to what not to do or what to stop doing as what it is that they actually do.


Having a family-run wealth management business gives us key strategic advantages. We have longevity in leadership, which ensures overall stability. The family-run business gives us a greater sense of commitment and accountability, which also furnishes us with additional strength and purpose in extremely tough economic times.


We can be flexible and adapt quickly to the ever-changing investment landscape. We collectively check our egos at the door and understand that we may be required to wear several different hats at times. Everyone is a team player; everyone’s role is valued and respected. Our team chemistry in working as a cohesive unit gives us that all completive edge.

Most importantly, the Verus family provides us with the ability to have a long-term perspective. Thinking years or even decades ahead is a great way to foster a culture of clear strategies and decision-making throughout every aspect of our business


Investment Management & Advisory

Ken Gordon, CDFA, PFP

Senior Vice-President and Wealth Management Advisor

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Cody Gordon Headshot.jpg
Cody Gordon, BBA, CIM, CFA

Portfolio Manager and Wealth Management Advisor

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Chase's new photo.jpg
Chase Gordon

Associate Wealth Management Advisor

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Associates & Administration 

Carmen Ng

Investment Associate

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Montana Gordon


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Wealth Solutions

Manijeh Moieni, J.D.

Senior Estate Planning  Advisor

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Carla Norris, CFP

Senior Financial Planning Advisor

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Bryan Ference, CLU, CHS, EPC

Wealth and Estate Protection Strategist 

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Banking & Credit

Kirsten Maxwell, PFP

Senior Private Banker

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Derek Cheung

Premium Banker

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To move forward, you have to give back 

At Verus Financial, we have an immense passion for helping others in need. We believe that we rise as a society by lifting others. From local causes in our community of Vancouver to international charities, we are proud to give back in multiple ways. Our team is dedicated to supporting many initiatives and organizations.


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