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Verus Financial has set itself apart from the competition by creating investment portfolios that have been designed for the benefit of you, the investor. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly.


Verus US Small/Mid-Cap Equity

The Verus U.S. Small/Mid-Cap Equity Portfolio has been designed to provide a platform for private clients to invest in a concentrated portfolio of U.S. small and medium capitalization companies.

Investment Objectives:
  1. The mandates investment objective is to protect and grow capital over the long term by investing in an actively managed investment portfolio of small/mid-cap publicly traded equities that delivers superior risk-adjusted returns.

  2. The mandate will seek to achieve its investment objective by purchasing securities of issuers whose underlying businesses the Investment Manager believes have strong business, financial and managerial characteristics. The Investment Manager performs rigorous and independent research. In addition, the purchase of these securities will generally be at a price that is less than the Investment Manager’s assessment of the underlying business’ intrinsic value.

Performance History

As of DECEMBER 31ST, 2022

Portfolio Growth of $100,000 Investment

Annualized Performance (%)

Trailing-Period Performance (%)

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