The Verus Difference 

Protecting You on the Downside

At Verus Financial we understand the how valuable it is to protect your hard earned money. Capital preservation in down markets is at the heart of what we do.


At Verus Financial We Have Gone Through:

  • ​The 80's S&L Colapse 

  • The 2001 Tech Bubble

  • The 2008 Financial Crisis 

Over this span of years, we have been extremely diligent in protecting our clients assets on the downside. Our unique ability to transfer in and out of assets classes and our ability to go to high levels of cash has help our client maintain their wealth through down markets. 


Below we outline the largest monthly drops on the Toronto Stock Exchange compare to our Verus Defensive Income Portfolio. While the TSX dropped over 83.22% over these months, our portfolio dropped a mere 11.73%. For a total out performance of 71.49%

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