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Dare to Dream

For over 37 years we have helped families realize their dreams. Our comprehensive, disciplined, and adaptable process has produced real results for real families. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us directly.


Proven Process. Real Results.

At Verus Financial, we have designed a proven and repeatable process that delivers real results to you are and your family. Our dynamic and comprehensive wealth management approach is uniquely designed around your specific goals and dreams. We do this with integrity, passion, and a relentless commitment to goal attainment. 

The Verus Process - "Total Wealth Solution"

Our process is at the center of how we deliver on our commitments to you. It is also one of the key elements that separates us from most wealth management firms in Canada. With an extreme dedication to process, we work together with you, your family and our specialists to determine what matters most and deliver solutions that are aligned with your goals and dreams.  

Process Breakdown

How we deliver

Verus Total Wealth Plan Process (10).png



At Verus Financial, we dare our clients and families to dream. But dreams are only dreams unless they are clearly articulated and have a diligent plan in place for achievement. Only then can dreams become reality. Therefore, our process begins with an in-depth discovery into your family and life. We design a personalized “Dream Board” for your family that not only helps with the articulation certain aspirations, but also to prioritize them as well.

Your personalized Dream Board is broken down into three main sections, from the highest to lowest priority:

1) Needs: What does the family absolutely need?

    Examples: Support lifestyle, longevity through retirement, put children through school, having emergency funds.


2) Projects: What projects does your family want to complete?

     Examples: Buying a new car, boat, travel, renovations.


3) Dreams: What dreams does your family aspire to achieve?

     Examples: Start a new business, purchase a home, buy an investment property, start a private foundation.


It is only with this deep and personal understanding of your goals and dreams that we can formulate a plan for success.

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After a clearly articulated Dream Board has been created, we are then able to take your families priorities and specifically plan around them. This starts by implementing our unique team-based approach. In collaboration with you and our team of experts, we work together to find unique strategies and solutions to help achieve your goals.

This involves consulting the eight areas of expertise in our wealth management offering:

Untitled design (14).png

Not all elements of the wealth management approach will be applicable for every family. But as your family’s life evolves, so do your goals and dream. With such change comes the need for reassessment and the potential use of our eight areas of expertise.

Our tailored solutions begin and end with your family goals. Ensuring our plan and strategy is designed to meet each of your goals, in its desired priority is the overall objective. With our relentless commitment to goal attainment, we are here for this challenge.

-Growing Capital

-Preserving Capital

-Transferring Capital

-Income Generation

Verus Total Wealth Plan Process (12).png


From the solutions and insights provided by the collaborative efforts of our experts, we are then equipped to design a customized strategy around your priorities. Unique needs, projects, and dreams all require different strategies. Some of these custom strategies include: 

Verus Total Wealth Plan Process (13).png



Life is unpredictable. There’s no avoiding it. Therefore, the ability to adapt and move in a different direction is essential. Our process is designed to be highly adaptive to the many obstacles that life throws our way. Also, we understand that as you and your family’s move through different stages of life, your goals and objectives evolve as well. With the constant maintenance and oversight of your wealth, we can be proactive in adjusting to your desired objectives and the strategy behind it. At the end of the day, a good process is one that is fluid; not static.

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