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True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

Books Written By Ken Gordon

Understanding SMA

Experience the Verus Difference...

We consistently deliver superior risk-adjusted returns

At Verus Financial, we have created unique investment policy statements, which have set us apart from most other firms in the Canadian marketplace today. Please see pages 29 and 30 of the Understanding Separately Managed Accounts guide, which clearly outlines how Verus Financial's IPSs give the Portfolio Manager more flexibility by removing constraints, which is a major factor in being able to generate alpha (generating returns over and above the market). Ken seeks out unique boutique managers that specialize in different investment styles. He holds the managers accountable for buy/sell decisions, following the investment policy statement (IPS) and most importantly, he holds them accountable for delivering alpha. If they do not deliver, we are proactive in making changes. Although past performance is not indicative of future performance, Verus Financial's SMAs and the Summit program have typically performed better than mutual funds. Please refer to page 41 of the Understanding SMA guide.

This outperformance can be attributed to five key factors:

  1. SMAs have higher concentrated portfolios
  2. SMA fees are consistently lower as they are not embedded like mutual funds
  3. Verus Financial’s SMAs have more flexible investment policy statements
  4. The size of SMAs are substantially smaller than mutual funds
  5. SMAs have higher levels of active share

Lost In The System

Lost in the System is about the trials and tribulations of a man that went through a horrific divorce. After five years, ten judges, 19 days in court spread out over eight months, seven full days on stand, and almost $700,000 in legal fees, I firmly believe that family law is about making good people look bad and criminal law is about making bad people look good. Once you are in the system, it is so hard to get out. No matter how hard I tried to get out of the system, the disastrous merry-go-round wouldn’t let me off. I was truly “lost in the system”. Divorce can be devastating. Having lived through the nightmare, believe me, I know. I have been a Wealth Advisor for over 30 years and have watched first-hand the financial disaster that divorce has had on some of my clients. Now that I have gone through a very nasty divorce, but most importantly, survived to tell the tale, I felt compelled to write about my experience. A major reason for writing this book was to share my story, my thoughts and my experience in dealing with a completely flawed family law system, which is in a need of a complete overhaul. The system failed me and I have little respect for it, as you will see. I hope to enlighten you on the drawbacks of the system and hope you can get insight from my hard-earned lessons and learn from my mistakes. Most importantly, don’t assume that the system is fair. The clearer the understanding you have of the legal pitfalls that you will encounter, the better position you will be in to deal with them. Your goal should be to get through the process as quickly as possible with the least amount of stress and anxiety. Your mental and physical health is paramount. You need to be the rock that helps your children deal with the mess. Take a big breath, slow down, and most importantly think clearly. Don’t make quick decisions. Don’t seek revenge on your former partner. And most importantly do everything you can to stay out of the system; you and everyone around you will be better off and you’ll have a lot more money in your pocket. In this book, I hope to create awareness and that you take my insights to:
  • Make better decisions and learn from my mistakes
  • Save you money in legal fees
  • Shorten the process
  • Help you come out the other side in one piece
  • Hopefully avoid court altogether

"Be strong, never stop believing and be steadfast in your beliefs that there is only one way out and that is through."


Winning With Integrity

Winning With Integrity: A Powerful Guide to Successful Investing With Individually Managed Accounts clearly details the numerous advantages over mutual funds, which in today’s investment world have become impossible to ignore. This comprehensive and insightful book provides a convincing case why individually managed accounts have become the investment vehicle of choice for knowledgeable inventors. Winning With Integrity explains everything you need to know about:
  • Measuring performance – How to understand risk adjusted returns
  • How to lower and avoid taxes – How to take control over your taxes
  • Transparency – How to always know where and how your money is invested
  • Fees – How to compare and understand what your being charged
  • Avoiding mistakes – steps you can take to stay clear of the most common and not so common investment mistakes that the average investor makes
  • Leveling the playing field – How to gain an advantage in the complex game of investing.
  • Money Myths & Marketing Ploys – How to protect your net worth.
  Tomorrow Never Lies

Tomorrow Never Lies

Life is about the choices we make. Your life today is about the choices made yesterday. Your life tomorrow will be about the choices you make today. We will be instrumental in helping you choose carefully.

"Because tomorrow never lies"

  The Game Plan

The Game Plan

The Game Plan: So You Think You’re Going to Make the NHL is a excellent book for hockey minded teenagers who can learn valuable life lessons from the game of hockey. The book is loaded with inspirational strategies and techniques to assist teens not only in fulfilling their hockey dreams but more importantly to succeed as a person in the game of life. At the end of every chapter there are hockey factoids to increase the reader’s awareness of the history of the game. It is also a workbook, as there are exercises to be completed to help develop an individual action plan for success. In addition there is a section at the end of every chapter entitled Knowledge Is Power which will provide the player with valuable hockey terminology. The Game Plan is also an terrific book for parents, coaches, and teachers who are looking to provide guidance and direction on the essential process of building a solid foundation for which teenagers can learn, change, and grow. Inside this book you’ll find:
  • The importance of having a dream – when you build a dream, the dream will ultimately build you.
  • How to turn dreams into specific goals by taking action on your vision – step by step instruction on effective goal setting.
  • Understanding that your life today is about the choices made yesterday and your life tomorrow will be about the choices you make today.
  • A systematic approach for staying organized and committed to your action plan.
  • Strategies for developing a list of personal values using your “Puck For Life” which will assist in creating a well-balanced lifestyle.
  • Techniques on setting short, medium, and long-term goals using your “Ladder For Life”.
  • Strategies for dealing with setbacks and overcoming obstacles.
  • Tactics for saying “No” (Know) to tobacco, alcohol, drugs and fast cars.
  • How to make, appreciate, and invest money at an early age.
  • The importance of having the greatest back-up plan – your education.

"Some succeed because they are destined to, most succeed because they are determined to."


Power‐Marketing: A Smorgasbord Of Dynamic Marketing Ideas

Published in 1994, Power‐Marketing became an instant bestseller with 10,000 copies sold in the first week of release. Power‐Marketing: A Smorgasbord Of Dynamic Marketing Ideas is the product of over 14 years in the business world, nine of those as an investment advisor with ScotiaMcleod Inc. in Vancouver, B.C. The bulk of this book deals with lessons learned through direct experience. My knowledge base has been derived from an extensive program of self‐education, which included countless seminars and workshops, as well as reading everything I could get my hands on. Power‐Marketing draws together the best ideas and strategies that I have implemented over the years.