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True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

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Winning With Integrity

by Ken Gordon

In our years of experience dealing with affluent individuals, we have come to understand their views and concerns on putting substantial portions of their investable assets with a single manager.

This is where our competitive advantage comes into play against the other investment-counselling firms across Canada. Most investment-counselling firms have high minimum asset level requirements in the range of $2-5 million per account. Obtaining investment management diversification with minimum account sizes of those levels restricts this type of investment management to the ultra affluent individual only.

Verus Financial puts you in direct contact with some of the best investment managers from Canada, the United States and around the globe through Scotia Wealth Management’s separately managed accounts / individually managed accounts (SMA/IMA) Summit Program. Ken Gordon is an expert in the field of SMA/IMA. His book entitled “Winning With Integrity” is one of Canada’s foremost guides on investing with SMA/IMAs. His expertise will be instrumental in building your portfolio with an optimal mix of professional money managers.

With the Summit program, clients enjoy freedom from individual transaction charges in lieu of a competitive annual fee, based on the total assets in the program. This fee is completely tax-deductible in non-registered accounts.

Typical clients of Verus Financial include senior corporate executives, business owners, professionals and retirees with a minimum of $500,000 of investable assets. Our select group of clients are based not only on their investable assets, but also on their “fit” with our partners. Like you, our goal is to develop a strong, long-lasting relationship based on mutual trust and respect.