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True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

True. Well-Founded. Real. Genuine.

Speaking Engagements

Ken is recognized as one of the foremost authorities on Separately Managed Accounts/Individually Managed Accounts, through his self-written book, Winning With Integrity, A Powerful Guide to Successful Investing with Individually Managed Accounts. His high levels of energy, passion, determination, professionalism and global perspective have clearly benefited his select group of clients.

An accomplished and sought after speaker, Ken has addressed both industry and non-industry groups across Canada on topics relating to investing, motivation and successful business practices. As the author of six books; Understanding SMA – Separately Managed Accounts, Power Marketing, Tomorrow Never Lies, Winning With Integrity, The Game Plan and Lost In The System, Ken is frequently quoted and seen on local media for his insight and strategic thinking.

Ken has achieved his Certified Divorce Financial Analysts designation. Having gone through his own challenges with divorce, he was able to take an incredibly difficult and stressful time in his life, and turn it into a learning experience, one that he can use to help other people in similar situations. For those going through a divorce, Ken’s insight and knowledge can help simplify matters for others and keep them out of the daunting court system.


Partnering For Success

Any event planner knows that providing content is critical to a successful event and is also crucial for receiving a positive audience response. Many organizations rely on external speakers to compliment in-house expertise and add credibility and value to events.

Speakers can provide:

  • Knowledge – a speaker with specific subject matter expertise can provide essential insights on industry trends and best practices to your audience.
  • Inspiration – a speaker can offer a high-energy, thought provoking and motivational speech to encourage your audience to take action, adopt new concepts and conquer new challenges.
  • Visibility – a recognized speaker can be an asset to your agenda, increase event attendance and attract media interest.
  • Results – individual and corporate results can dramatically increase with a powerful speaker. Knowledge is power, however, applied knowledge is the real power for change, tangible results and personal growth.

Ken has spoken at many Medical and Dental conventions over the years. He travelled across Canada on a twelve city tour with Merrill Lynch inspiring Investment Advisors on switching to a fee based practice. He has also been an active speaker at annual conventions and corporate retreats in many different parts of Canada.

Seminar Topics

Why conventional money management in North America doesn’t work and what YOU can do about it.

  • Exposing the true reality that the vast majority of mutual funds underperform the market.
  • Understanding the most important risk statistics, Alpha, Beta and R-Squared.
  • A clear process to evaluate your current investment portfolio.
  • A proven 18 year plan to ensure your Investment Dollars are achieving superior risk adjusted returns.
  • Learn how to let go of your past mistakes and take control of your investments.

Every seminar attendee will be given a complimentary copy of Ken Gordon’s book Understanding SMA Separately Managed Accounts

Investing In Today’s Economy

  • Understand how currencies can have a dramatic effect on your investment performance.
  • Knowing the importance that country selections is equally or more crucial than individual stock selection.
  • Companies in the same sector can be highly correlated. Does it really matter which bank stock or oil stock that you own?
  • Why buying Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is like throwing in the towel and accepting defeat.
  • A critical look at why the consensus view is usually wrong and the merits of being a contrarian.

Divorce Simplified

  • Advice and guidance on choosing the best approach for divorce.
  • Tips and advice on how to navigate the Family Law System and avoid the most common hazards.
  • Methods on shortening the process and avoiding court altogether which will save you so much money in the end.
  • How to deal with children, family and money issues. How are the matrimonial or family assets going to be divided fairly and equally.
  • Learning methods to achieve a divorce settlement which includes child and spousal support.

Every seminar attendee will be given a complimentary copy of Ken Gordon’s book Divorce Simplified, a complete guide for people who are experiencing or contemplating divorce.

You Can Do Magic…You Can Have Anything You Desire

“A truly motivating and inspirational session”
  • The importance of having a dream – when you build a dream, the dream will ultimately build you.
  • How to turn dreams into specific goals by taking action on your vision – step by step instruction on effective goal setting.
  • Understanding that your life today is about the choices made yesterday and your life tomorrow will be about the choices you make today.
  • A systematic approach for staying organized and committed to your action plan.
  • Strategies for developing a list of personal values which will assist in creating a well-balanced lifestyle.
  • Techniques on setting short, medium and long-term goals using your Ladder For Life.
  • How to develop and implement your own personal Mission Statement.
  • Learn methods on how to articulate your value proposition and Mission Statement.
  • Strategies for dealing with setbacks and overcoming obstacles.

“Some succeed because they are destined to – most succeed because they are determined to”

Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn is one of our most popular seminar programs.

Many firms successfully employ a Learn-at-Lunch approach to supplement employee training and development activities. The use of an occasional lunch hour for education or training can stimulate employee engagement and enhance the firm’s development program.

Lunch and Learn programs offer a non-threatening and fun method for continuous learning and stimulating the energy and creativity in the workplace.