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Verus Defensive Income


The Verus Defensive Income Portfolio has been designed to provide a platform for private clients to invest in investment-grade Canadian debt securities, preferred shares of Canadian companies and large-cap publicly traded Canadian dividend-paying common stocks and REIT’s.

Investment Objectives
  1. To safeguard investors’ capital during varying market conditions by limiting equity exposure to a maximum of 50% of the total Portfolio and investing only in high dividend-yielding, high-quality, non-commodity, large capitalization Canadian equities and REIT’s.

  2. Generate a lower volatility return that will generate a high level of current dividend and interest income, by supplementing investments in Government guaranteed fixed income securities with a diversified selection of Canadian equities and REIT’s, Canadian preferred shares, Canadian investment-grade corporate debt instruments and Canadian stock and bond-index ETFs.

Performance as of June 30th, 2021

Portfolio Growth of $100,000 Investment

Annualized Performance (%)

Trailing-Period Performance (%)

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