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Verus Global Growth


The Verus Global Growth strategy seeks to achieve longterm growth by building a concentrated portfolio of outstanding global businesses with competitive advantages and the potential for sustained superior growth.

Investment Objectives
  1. Concentrated Portfolio – “High Active Share”

    • Portfolios are constructed with a select group of high-quality companies characterized by strong balance sheets; abundant free cash flow; strong ROW (>20%); stable to improving margins; and real, organic revenue growth.

    • Best Ideas Portfolio – impartial to index sector weightings and index position weightings.

    • The Global Growth strategy invests in 25-35 companies.

  2. Long Holding / Compounding Period – “Time Arbitrage”

    • Long-term focus on company fundamentals and competitive advantages.

    • Portfolio returns are generated through the compound earnings growth of competitive advantaged companies owned for many years – Share prices follow earnings growth.

    • Average holding period is approximately five years.

  3. Risk Management – “Don’t lose mentality”

    • Only invest in financially superior/competitively advantaged businesses – margin of Safety.

    • Strict and disciplined focus on long-term preservation of capital.

    • Portfolio construction parameters include position size limits and sector weight limits.

    • Currency, policy, and political risks are considered in general and specifically with regard to investing outside of the United States.

  4. Weighing Machine vs. Voting Machine

    • No market predictions – fully invested at all times.

    • Unemotional selling – an absolute return mentality.

  5. Outcome Orientation

    • Absolute return mentality seeking double-digit returns with lower levels of risk.

    • More than 30 years of evidenced success through consistent application of the Polen Capital investment process.

Performance as of June 30th, 2021

Portfolio Growth of $100,000 Investment

Annualized Performance (%)

Trailing-Period Performance (%)

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